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100% Pure

100% Pure Restorative Sea Culture Hydrating Toner

100% Pure Restorative Sea Culture Hydrating Toner

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Intensely water-drenching elixir softens, plumps, and hydrates thirsty skin using a base of gelatinous chia and algin from seaweed. Seaweed from unpolluted waters retains the purest sea minerals and nutrients for your skin.

Skin Conditions



4 fl oz / 118 ml

Why We Like It

Skin Plumping. Water-drenching facial toner softens, plumps, and hydrates skin.

Key Ingredients

ALGAE Locks in moisture and nutrients

SEA KELP Enriches skin and hair with essential minerals

CHIA SEED WATER Moisturizes and heals

How To Use It

After cleansing, pump half dollar sized amount into clean hands and pat onto face (including eyelids / around eyes) and neck. Or, pump onto cotton pad and gently sweep onto skin and neck.

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