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Seaflora Sea Splash Toning Essence

Seaflora Sea Splash Toning Essence

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READY FOR A TONER THAT ACTUALLY DOES SOMETHING? Say goodbye to ordinary toners and prepare to be amazed! This extraordinary alcohol-free toner goes beyond expectations, restoring elasticity, soothing skin, and achieving the perfect pH balance.

Skin Conditions



120ml / 4 fl oz

Why We Like It

CLINICALLY PROVEN TO: Protect the skin against oxidative stress caused by free radicals, reducing signs of aging and maintaining skin health. Have a positive impact on skin firmness and elasticity by promoting collagen production. Visibly brighten and even out skin tone when used consistently.

Key Ingredients

ORGANIC KELP Tyrosinase inhibitor that also strengthens the skin barrier and shrinks pores

VITAMIN C Boosts collagen synthesis while providing antioxidant protection from free radicals

ALOE VERA A wave of intense moisture for a refreshed and revitalized complexion

How To Use It

For best results, apply Sea Splash Toning Essence after cleansing. Gently massage upwards over face, neck and décolletage until absorbed. 

Toning perfectly preps your skin for the next steps in your routine, such as applying moisturizer and eye cream.

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